in reply to more css support, step 1

I don't have much to offer, but since you asked, I'll say what little I have to say. My immediate reaction is two-fold: 1) "I'm supposed to have some clue what the point is based on what?!" 2) That patch at least looks fairly harmless.

But now that I write that I think the "harmless" assessment is nearly tied to the "pointless" assessment. If it isn't adding a completely new item to CSS then the patch might have some impact besides making way for some future idea. But I have little clue what the immediate impact would be or what future ideas are hoped for so I go back to not knowing what the point is.

Update: I looked for a reply (to the linked patch) or at least that was my intent so I'm disappointed in myself for not seeing the reply. It answered my questions.

- tye