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I've another PDF::Template question. I see in that if both the page_width and page_height pagedef attributes are set, a user defined page size can be created. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. Does anyone see anything with this template? I'm using PDFlib Lite 7.02 and the latest version of PDF::Template.
<pdftemplate h="8"> <pagedef page_width="5000" page_height="700" margins="1i"> <font face="Courier" size="12"> <header header_height="1i" /> <row h="10"> <textbox w="136.8" text="Date/Time" /> <textbox w="79.2" text="Search Time" /> <textbox w="28.8" text="Qual" /> <textbox w="79.2" text="User" /> <textbox w="79.2" text="Origin/Dest" /> <textbox w="64.8" text="Commodity" /> <textbox w="50.4" text="Service" /> <textbox w="64.8" text="Acct Code" /> <textbox w="50.4" text="Results" /> <textbox w="50.4" text="Carrier" /> <line /> </row> <footer footer_height="1i"> <row> <textbox w="100%" justify="right">Page <var value="__PAGE__" +/></textbox> </row> </footer> </font> </pagedef> </pdftemplate>