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Hello again. I posted to PerlMonks forum a few short months ago, asking about the resources available for natural language processing in Perl. Well, the project has gone far since those days. . . (reminiscence) But now I've run into a problem!

I'm using XML-RPC to query the ConceptNet database. For the most part it works flawlessly, but on the behemoths I get this error: "not well-formed (invalid token) [. . . (blah blah) . . .] at C:/Perl/lib/XML/ line 187" And I think to myself: ohh no! For a while, I've been working around the error, but I'm to the point where I have no alternative but to attempt to tackle the problem. So I've been thinking. . .

Is there a better alternative to Frontier::Client? I've looked and couldn't find such a thing. So I thought that perhaps I could edit Frontier::Client and replace XML::Parser with some other module that could handle larger files. Is there a way that I could implement XML::Twig inside Frontier? Or is there a better option?

All help will be greatly appreciated
- Justin