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Geeks don't do sports or sports fanism.

I still use the definition of geek as it related to the distinction between nerds and dorks that I learned back in high school.

A dork is a social outcast. They lack all physical and social grace. While they may enjoy D&D, they have no exceptional intelligence. They are awkward in every way.

Nerds are also socially and physically inept. The distinction, a nerd has a well above average intelligence.

A geek is someone that you could sit next to at a bar and have no idea that they are a rocket scientist. They may not excel at sports or in the art of eloquent speech, but they don't stand out enough to initiate ridicule.

I tend to find the profile of J Random Hacker quite accurate and would point to Physical Activity And Sports. It has been several years since I did anything resembling physical activity - but long distance running used to be my sport of choice.

Cheers - L~R