Ziff-Davis has a “publication” for just about everything. One of the ones that I do enjoy is called Baseline, and its target audience is pretty much the CIO types ... upper, i.e. executive, management. Anyhow, they had a column this month from a person who more or less overhauled the National Institute of Health (NIH) division that he was working in. It's a group that processes grant applications, to the tune of 80,000 (wow...) applications per year. “The equivalent of a billion pieces of paper.”

Anyhow, what grabbed my attention was this artfully constructed paragraph:

... I placed limits on the scope and schedule of our software releases. Until this point, my team and the NIH had boasted about their ability to release new software daily, claiming that this release rate reflected their flexibility and agility. I was convinced – and was later proved correct – that this daily rate was symptomatic of the lack of process control.
(emphases mine)

Any thoughts?