UPDATE: Please stop msg'ing me to tell me how bad an idea it was to post this, I know, I've understood, I made a mistake !

I've only been here a few days, and am still getting to learn the local culture, which, this being Perl, is appropriately specific to the place.

I knew, or at least somehow felt that it wasn't a great node to add. About a month ago I told a friend who'd been doing Perl for two years (and not bad Perl either) that he could use the -M flag to load modules on the command line. Somehow, it had never occured to him and came as an epiphany (obviously, it's quite useful). With that in mind, I thought that it might help someone else to show this simple trick in an amusing (if of bad taste) way.

That's all. I made a mistake, I apologize. Drown this node in -- as much as you want so that it'll be forgotten and never revisited. I'll be happy that this is as much punishment I will get for a mistake in this monastery, I'm sure others would have forced me to flagellate by recoding Bone::Easy in Java...

Original content follows so that the mistake will remain visible.

This is easy and silly, but I thought it might interest some. Bone::Easy is a module that auto-generates pickup lines. It can be easily used as a one-liner:

perl -MBone::Easy -e 'print pickup(), "\n"'

I've aliased this as pickup in my .bashrc, now anytime someone enters my office and I feel I may be blundering for words to say, I simply type pickup and get something to start an interesting conversation...

--darobin "Hug me if I'm wrong, but don't I know you?"