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By all means evangelize and get holy roller excited about Perl. I was in my post above not at all trying to dampen your enthusiasm or your desire to promote Perl.

I merely state that startups that I work for use Perl, because I do. ;-)

There are so many things about Perl worth envangelizing about. Go for it.

Perhaps you missed some of the irony and the tone of my post. Think of an old ranch hand with a Woody Guthrie twang. I state, in plain English, that I'm not much for excitement, and I submit that Perl is used extensively and will continue to be.

And yes, the CPAN still rules and many outside the Perl realms still don't grok or know what a killer dev tool it is. I don't care how many modules I have to install on a dev server till I find just the right one. CPAN modules are like books. Once you get sense of what a good read is, you can quickly pick out the good ones. Perhaps you can sell people on Perl with the CPAN and/or create a tool or service that picks good modules in your world of concern?

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