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Dear monks I still working on my pet project due to some other projects i put this aside but again I took a look a new perpective i dont care how many file I need to edit to change the status of the banks or operations, so I did these little code
use Tk; $mw->title("Bank status"); $mw->geometry("1024x764"); my $upperframe = $mw->frame()-pack(-fill => 'x'); Tk::MainLoop(); sub build_entry_bank{ my $statusbank = shift; my $box_banamex = $upperframe->Entry( -forecolor => 'blue', -textvariable => \$statusbank, -width => 20, )->pack (-side => 'left', -expand => 1); return $box_banamex; } sub status_bank{ open (DATBANK, "banamex.txt") || die ("File Bank did not open! +!!!"); my @bank_status = <DATBANK>; close (DATBANK); foreach my $status_bank(@bank_status){ chomp ($status_bank); my $statusbank; my $bank; ($bank,$statusbank) = split(/\|/,$status_bank); } }
now these code has some things missing, one of them how to make the data on the sub status_bank being use on the sub build_entry_bank and later how to make the data on sub status_bank can by refresh every one minute with repeat does anyone have any pointers or teach me it will be apreciatted