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I'm wanting to parse the content out of an html table using HTML::TableExtract. For most of the data this only takes a few lines, but for some reason I can't make it search for a header when that header consists only of an image (for which I know the URL). I assume that the source of the problem lies in the fact that, as TableExtract is a subclass of HTML::Parser, it's no longer seeing the url for the image as text that it should be parsing. If I were dealing with HTML::TokeParser I'd work around this with a line like this:

$tokeparser->{textify} = {img => 'src'};

However, I can't figure out how to do this with HTML::Parser. Am I approaching this the right way? Do I need to 'textify' HTML::Parser objects to make HTML::TableExtract search for the image's url, or can all this be done interfacing only with TableExtract? Is there some better way to extract the data from an HTML table when using an image as an anchor point?

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