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You should be able to replace the use of goto in the four subroutines private(), property(), public() & readonly() with a normal function call if you postpend the caller() to @_, and the only difference will be that it will run (marginally) faster. That is, property() would become:

sub property($\%;$) { ## no critic -- prototype &_check_property; push @_, scalar caller(); &_install_property; }

and _install_property() would become:

sub _install_property{ my ($label, $hash, $opt, $caller) = @_; # my $caller = caller(0); # we get here via "goto", so caller(0) is + right $PROP_DATA_FOR{ $caller }{$label} = $hash; my $options = _merge_options( $caller, $opt ); if ( exists $options->{privacy} && $options->{privacy} eq 'public' + ) { no strict 'refs'; *{ "$caller\::$label" } = ($options->{set_hook} || $options->{get_hook}) ? _gen_hook_accessor( $hash, $label, $options->{get_ho +ok}, $options->{set_hook} +) : _gen_accessor( $hash ) ; $PUBLIC_PROPS_FOR{ $caller }{ $label } = 1; } return; }

That's untested, but I believe it shoudl work and be a little quicker. That only leaves the goto at line 81 (There is no goto at line: 666? Maybe the "evil" connotations made you miss that the line number 666 related to dprof_pp rather than the source file :).

This might be more awkward as Exporter might rely upon caller() being different, though I've never seen anyone else that subclasses Exporter use goto. I think you should try just deleting the goto on line 81 and see what happens.

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