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Hi All,
  I don't have a lot of certification experience myself, so I'm requesting the aid of the holy monks :)
  I know a lot of you do not agree with certification, I already know a lot of you will want to post 'certification is a con', 'certificates are bogus', etc. I already know this so please don't.
  What I'm looking for is what certificates you have done that you thought were good. Or what parts of certificates you thought were done well.

I'll start the ball rolling with the only certificate I've come across that I thought was done well, RedHat's RHCE (I think most their certificates are in this format)

What impressed me about RedHat certification was this:-

  1. No multiple choice
  2. Totally hands on, you work the whole time on an independent machine
  3. You're given a broken machine to fix, with minimal information about the problem, if you don't fix it 100% you fail
  4. You're given a list of things to implement, if you don't get most of them done, you fail

This is all actual machine work as you'd actually do it in real life, no paper or question tests, real machines, real problems. It's the best certification system I've come across.

But that's all I've come across I know nothing of Cisco, Sun or Microsoft certs (, etc). I know they all have a lot of problems, but what I NEED to know is what they have right.