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Hi All,
  I'm trying to outline levels of Perl programmers. From those humble beings that are only able to install and use Perl scripts, all the way up to those like Nicholas Clark that work on the core.

I've started the list, but before I go further I'd like input from the monks as everyone's experiences and opinions of Perl people are different.

List so far:-
User - Those that are capable of installing and running Perl scripts. (They know path to perl, permissions, uploading in ASCII, variables, config, etc)
Basic Debugger - Those that are capable of reading and fixing problems with Perl scripts so that they may run. (Understanding common Perl error messages and how to correct them)
Basic Coder - Those that are capable of writing basic scripts. (Using scalars, arrays, hashs, reading from writing to files. Understanding and being able to use the common built in Perl functions)
Core programmer In depth knowledge of Perl, internals, C...

I'd very much appreciate ideas and names you'd give to the coders in between and what you'd expect them to be capable of.