The things I'll discuss here are aimed at new/intermediate perl coders that know basic *nix commands: ls,cd,chmod,chgrp,mv,cp, etc., meaning I'm not going to discuss these. I also assume you can use man and understand how to use telnet/ssh to get to your server. I realize that what I discuss here isn't specific to perl (or even CGI programming with perl) but is still (IMHO) very useful. If you want to know perl tricks to ease debugging, read the other tutorials in this section.

What I am going to discuss are a few *nix tricks/commands I've found that make my life MUCH easier when I'm debugging perl CGI scripts via a command console like telnet or ssh. I'll talk a little about screen, tab file/path name auto-completion, tail, and a couple others. These commands work in bash under Redhat 6.x and Mandrake, and probably many other distros or *nix flavors.

If you want to learn more, please read the man pages for any of these commands.

There are many other great unix tricks/commands that will help you in your perl coding. Hopefully the few that I've covered will be as useful to you as they are to me.