in reply to PM merchandise/icon design quest

A set of reference coffee cups, with regex, favorite modules, etc. with a monk looking like Rodan's Thinker, reading a book.

A monkish tie for those of us forced to occassionally have to wear one. (I've worn out my Dilbert tie.)

Monogrammed PM underwear for initimate coding experiences.

PM pens and pencils with long skinny monks on them.

PM keyboard ref strip, with "use strict" or die "you toad" on them.

PM decoder rings

Bumper stickers:

Das PerlMonk bier stein

Bizarre stuffed animals - A penguin with a camel's head or a camel with a penguin's head. Let 'em figure it out

Monitor rear-view mirror with a Monk on it.

Bandaids with the words: "I should have used -w" on them.

A set of PM business card blanks you add to. The web page would accept custom input and then print quantity-500 of nice, glossy, fancy Perlish art work cards. They get sent to the user for $$.

A variety of PM oriented rubber ink stamps -