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I think we should eliminate personality replying ;o). I mean, fancy having strong opinions on a topic like this.

I find the fact that -- are a anonymous a double-edged sword. Naming and shaming folk for -- or expecting justification is ludicrous. If it came to be that, on the odd occasion I do -- I had to explain why I'd say: "because". If anyone said " that's him, over there, he down voted my node" I'd role my sleeves up and prepare to defend my convictions, it is up to each monk to be his own judge as too the worthiness of his vote. A good reason why lower level monks should have less votes.

Everyone occasionally gets -- votes on posts, most of us deal with it, some of us enquire and get answers. I don't think you should make a node out of it. I think the best thing is to update the root node for this, as you did for Should I organize a boycott of camel 3?

Look on the bright side, if you're suffering from personality voting, at least the fact that you have a personality is being recognised. ;O)

Brother Frankus.