In a thread in comp.lang.perl.misc titled "So what do YOU use Perl for?", Gwyn Judd suggested:
I use it to impress women.
Around 1993 or 1994 I started dating a woman who was a quilter. After seeing a lot of quilts and pictures of quilts, it seemed to me that most quilters stuck to a few traditional quilt blocks and that there might be a lot of quilt blocks that were rarely used.

I wrote a suite of Perl programs to generate all the quilt blocks of a certain type (sixteen-patch half-square triangles with 90-degree rotational symmetry) and I printed out the result.

I was delighted, because the results confirmed my suspicion: There are a lot of excellent but rarely-seen quilt blocks.

I was even more delighted when we got married, and she made the program output into a real quilt and gave it to me as a wedding present.

She must have been impressed.