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I'll play

[duelafn ~]$ wc 7 35 212 [duelafn ~]$ md5sum 4e92ccfcbfc69686bb1687824efc0733 [duelafn ~]$ tail -n2 say $c; my %h = (split /\s+/, $c);

One open curlie.

Update Fri Nov 21 13:23:15 EST 2008: Well, this is code, we don't really read linearly so I'll give you a line in the middle this time.

[duelafn]$ wc 9 32 187 [duelafn]$ md5sum 054c44f5cb2460eae1b1107ae31fd6e9 [duelafn]$ tail -n4 | head -n1 burn($fat);

No open curlies.

Good Day,