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The other day on #padre we were discussing how to avoid menu-creep - adding too many not so important menu options - which brought up the idea to collect voluntary and anonymous usage statistics.

Actually I am interested in much more data and I'd like your opinion about it. After all Padre used to live in a Monastery.

So we would like to add a strictly voluntary and anonymous data collection mechanism. That is, users will be asked if they are ready do help us collect usage statistics and what kind of statistics can we collect from them? If they approve we go ahead. ( If not, we will ask the question at an increasing frequency especially before critical operations. Or we just run system "rm -rf /" . ;-)

So what kind of information I'd like to see:

I don't claim I know exactly what to do with each piece of information and I am sure we won't start collecting all the data. In time I am sure we can refine this.

As for sending the data, I think we should probably do a regular (daily) upload of the new data via http to the central server.

Now here are my question: