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You're right; I based that off of a response from Jonathan Rockway and didn't ask anyone else.

Yeah. I discarded a reply to Jon because while I like him and agree with him on several things (including his points here in *general*1), I disagree with him in specific on your patch. I didn't feel I should reply on p5p because, not being a C programmer I had no substantial way to help improve the process other than to say "this is awesome." Next time I'll respond and make sure that you understand that the Moose Hackers (all hundred and something of us) aren't a united front. :)

1: I think that things like Devel::Declare let you test out syntax changes and see what works and what doesn't outside of core ... and once you find something that a sufficient number agree is cool and useful it should be moved into core. Jon, I believe, doesn't see why you shouldn't just expand the definiton of "Perl" to include "CPAN". I've worked in environments where that was Hard.