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For Pete's sake people it's tabs and spaces!

How many hours of productive time has been wasted in meetings arguing the pros and cons of each? Does Perl care whether you've used spaces over tabs or tabs over spaces? We've already agreed that most editors can seamlessly convert between tabs and spaces of any desired indent size. The pettiness of it just blows my mind.

Here's a standard: forget standards. Use Perltidy.

A large portion (if not all) of the coding standards listed here could be configured into Perltidy. If every piece of code passed/used/saved anywhere in the company is enforced through Perltidy, then all code will conform to a single layout standard. The coders don't need standards, they can code to what ever style they feel comfortable with. After a pass through Perltidy everybody's code will conform to the same single standard.

In time coders will make an effort to conform to that same standard that they've been immersed in because it's just easier to adjust one's personal style choices than to buck miles of existing code. But even if they don't come around, who cares? In the end the code will come out formatted to standards regardless, and all the time that would have been wasted arguing over standards can be put to better use getting actual work done.

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