in reply to Perl is sinking (TIOBE): all time low for Perl

TIOBE's methodology is wrong, read their definition. It is based on google, yet google has their own methodology for categorizing results and content, it is way more accurate than what TIOBE uses and it turns out it totally contradicts all the data the TIOBE has! Google says:

Google shows that C# is way above PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby yet TIOBE doesn't?

Look at what the TIOBE ranking is based on: The ratings are calculated by counting hits of the most popular search engines. The search query that is used is +"<language> programming"

This is a totally obviously WRONG methodology. Effectively TIOBE is slandering just about every language they rank.

Do not trust TIOBE, it is wrong and it even disagrees 100% with the results that GOOGLE has once the category of programming has been selected.

TIOBE is bad methodology FOR ALL LANGUAGES.