Description: Win32 BrowseForFolder. Creates a dialog box that enables the user to select a folder. This small procedure is part of a larger programm that lets you choose a directory and manipulate its contents i.e combines nicely with File::Find
use Win32::API;
use Cwd;

sub choose_dir {
    $SHBrowseForFolder=new Win32::API('shell32.dll','SHBrowseForFolder
    $SHGetPathFromIDList=new Win32::API('shell32.dll','SHGetPathFromID

my $display="CHOOSE starting directory...";
my $BrowseInfo=pack('LLLpLLLL',0,0,0,$display,0,0,0,0,0);
my $pidl=$SHBrowseForFolder->Call($BrowseInfo);

my $dir=pack('x100');

$dir =~ s/\0//g;
chdir $dir;
print "current dir: ",cwd();