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I've just been thrown into the unix pool with little to defend myself except perl. The problem I have is that I need to call two perl scripts from a bash script. Something like:
#!/bin/sh filename=$1 firstscript $filename secondscript $filename
Problem is while I've figured out how to make both firstscript and secondscript executable (chmod 777 and mv to /bin), when I run this script (./bl filename) it tells me that it has no idea of what I'm talking about (comforting, why should it just be me...) The error messages are:
': No such file or directory .links ': No such file or directory
Which I at first thought had to do with not getting the variable right--- but a little detective work convinced me that what it couldn't find were the two scripts.

So does anyone have a recipe for installing perl scripts for shell use?

Update: Great thanks to all advisors! For those who come after with same question, here is what worked.
  1. magic chmod number is 755. Apply to all scripts to be called/used.
  2. move to /usr/bin (typically without extension.)
  3. insure that any reference to the called perl scripts is path-complete.


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