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CountZero...What you are discussing is the navigation section of the pages which I would like to have created with each hit, I think. I am open to be swayed to having a semi-static list somewhere of every page and directory on my site. I would prefer to have the navigation be where I get it written, test that it works, once it does, make it live, then forget it is there.

I gave Template::Toolkit a quick skim and am unsure how it can help me. I would like to build as much of this from scratch before I start looking into modules. In my neophyte opinion, the module is more confusing at the moment. I have just wrapped my head around subs, but that module as a whole confuses me.

What I am hopefully building is a shell for all of the pages on my site, a template if you will. It seems funny to me to use a template to build a template. :)

I wish I understood how to make this a module, but even that is out of reach for now. Instead of useing it, I will be doing it instead. I know I should be looking at the former, but the module mojo makes no sense to me.

Have a nice day!
Lady Aleena