Test Shows 99.99% of High School Seniors Can't Read Perl Well it tickled my fancy. Esp:

"This shows that there is a real need for a Perl Monk in every classroom," said Perl Monk Kelly Adrity. "We've got computers in every classroom, now we need our kids to be able to use them, and what better way to learn about computers than to learn how to read and write in Perl. I'm glad the budget proposed by President Bush sets aside millions for Perl Monks. America will lead the way in Perl literacy."

Maybe we should take up the charge, I am not sure about this america leading the way stuff ;-) but hay lets get perl into primary schools.

Later in the article there is a quote:

Perl experts were astounded by the results. "I was amazed that none of the students were able to read this simple sentence:

Code removed at author's request.
Now I could'nt get this code to do anything.. anyone any clues what it is sposed to do?


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