Description: I catalog images by the date each was taken. My camera timestamps its images with the date/time. Perfect!

However, when I later "modify" an image, or when I transfer it over BlueTooth, etc. the "Date Modified" for the file changes.

I use this little script to change the atime/mtime for the image file BACK to where it should be.

All the action is inside Image::ExifTool, nevertheless, I welcome your feedback!

UPDATE: Added error checking.

use warnings;
use strict;
use Time::Local;
use Image::ExifTool qw(:Public);

my $exifTool = new Image::ExifTool;

foreach my $file (@ARGV) {

  # Read only the "DateTimeOriginal" tag from the file.
  my $info = $exifTool->ImageInfo($file, 'DateTimeOriginal');

  # Error Handling
  if (defined $exifTool->GetValue('Error')) {
    print "ERROR: Skipping '$file': " . $exifTool->GetValue('Error') .
+ "\n";
  if (not exists $info->{'DateTimeOriginal'}) {
    warn "File '$file' has no EXIF 'DateTimeOriginal' tag. Skipping it
  if (defined $exifTool->GetValue('Warning')) {  # Can there be a warn
    print "Warn: Processing '$file': " . $exifTool->GetValue('Warning'
+) . "\n";
  # I suppose we could still check to make sure the data is "reasonabl
  # There could be garbage data in the DateTimeOriginal field and we'd
+ be
  # in trouble...

  # Our data comes in the form "YEAR:MON:DAY HOUR:MIN:SEC".
  # utime() wants data in the exact opposite order, so we reverse().
  my @date = reverse(split(/[: ]/, $info->{'DateTimeOriginal'}));

  # Note that the month numbers must be shifted: Jan = 0, Feb = 1

  # Convert to epoch time format
  my $time = timelocal(@date);

  # Make the change to the mtime and atime
  my $status = utime($time, $time, $file);
  if ($status != 1) {
    print "Warn: utime() on '$file' returned $status instead of 1.\n";



  Reads the "DateTimeOriginal" EXIF field out of an image file
  and changes the "last accessed time" and "last modified time"
  of the file to match it.

=head1 USAGE

  On Unix: *.jpg another/dir/*.jpg

  On Windows:
    perl bunch.jpg of.jpg files.jpg

  Everything you give to this file is expected to be a filename.
  It accepts no other switches or arguments.