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Here's a complete program. Basically the same as bbfu with a couple of enhancements. Adding a -1 to the split allows for null values to still be added, such as:
and chomping the line removes the newline, otherwise it will end up in the last element of each array.

my $myfile = "BigOldFile.psv"; ## pipe-separated values :) open(MYFILE, $myfile) or die "Could not open $myfile: $!\n"; my @lines = []; while(<MYFILE>) { chomp; push @lines, [split(/\|/, $_, -1)]; } ## This will show you the format: my $line=1; for (@lines) { print "Line $line: $_\n"; for (@$_) { print "*$_*\n"; ## Stars are to demonstrate null values } $line++; }