What's this with those Indian guys (ree, lakshmananindia, targetsmart...) frontpaging each other's nodes as of lately? Even their own replies. Is this a concerted effort to boost their XP? Or are they even all the same person? Possibly even upvoting each other's nodes?

For instance

frontpaged by1st reply 2nd reply
Object creation by nagalenoj ree ree
Operator Associative in Perl by irah ree ree lakshmananindia
How to disable buffering ? by ree lakshmananindia lakshmananindia targetsmart
chomp it chomp it good by Anonymous Monk targetsmart lakshmananindia ree

just to name the recent ones.

This doesn't look like mere coincidence. Sadly, a few downvotes won't help against the plot, as it's not exactly a secret that once a node is frontpaged, the majority of people here just upvote it, no matter how dumb the node is.

So, in order to keep the signal-to-noise ratio of this site high, I'm asking for a possibility to unfrontpage nodes as a corrective measure by the community for such silly games.