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As for the Carp module i'm already using it in all my perl files, including, so i dont have to log to cpanel every time to check the error log.

Carp is a different module. I'm assuming you mean CGI::Carp and more specifically, its fatalsToBrowser functionality.

it seems to me though that the runtime of never reaches the stage of carp module.

use statements are executed as soon as they are compiled, so the "runtime of" is moot.

So i still dont see why iam gettign these error messages, which as you say are safe to ignore,

Because the browser was told to look for those files and they don't exist.

so then why it aint producing perl error messages? Does the script try to run at all?

All I know is that your browser isn't logging everything it should. It should have logged an error message even if your script had died instantly (saying it couldn't find the CGI headers).