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I like the image of us sitting round drinking beers and shooting the breeze. It captures the spirit of the CB well!

I sometimes think one of the odd "gapping holes" is the culture of Perl Monks itself. A while back there was a poster who always signed off "Back at you!". I could tell that he/she was trying to be friendly, but it irritated me, given that the posters' questions were usually very basic and the people responding to him often had more expertise than many could hope to acquire in a lifetime.

And yet I was unwilling to downvote and saw the irritation as my issue, not his/hers. So many on line programming forums are filled with question and answers equally inane. I grant you, a quick look around the monastery ought to make someone see that this is a place of a different sort. But even that requires figuring out what that wild array of links in the sidebar really means. It is all a bit overwhelming the first time (or first few times) one visits.

Best, beth