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On a Sun box I'm trying to find what files certain processes have open. I'm to the point where by using Proc::ProcessTable and the pfiles function on Sun (I don't have root privileges to us lsof) I can get the following information back for each of the files:

'Device' => '283,0', 'Create Mode' => 'O_RDWR FD_CLOEXEC', 'File Number' => '5', 'Group ID' => '14700', 'Mode' => '0000', 'Size' => '0', 'Type' => 'S_IFIFO', 'Inode' => '1877643288', 'User ID' => '5800'
I know I can use find to find the file name from the inode, but I'm having trouble getting from a device like '283,0' to a mounted file system I can search.

Searches have turned up too many results and the several CPAN modules I've tried haven't worked out. Can anyone recommend a good module I can use for this? Also I would love a module that could return a list of open files given a Pid, but I haven't been able to find anything like that.