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I am trying to do dynamic dropdown menu, of sorts. The idea is to have a dropdown menu like the one visible on nvidia drivers download page. You select the first choice, and then depending on what your first choice was, a second dropdown menu gets populated with possible choices/options that are 'related' to the first choice. Um. Yeah, I'm not being very articulate at describing this..Here's what I have now, which is pretty much a code snippet to generate a dropdown menu with choices in @distros. Basically I need some pointers, if possible, on what to do next to achieve the goal above. People choose "centos", for instance - so a second dropdown generates choices with centos versions. Somebody chooses "ubuntu" - a second dropdown gets generated with available ubuntu versions.. etc.


if ( !param() ) { print start_form(); print popup_menu( -name => 'distros_menu', -values => \@distros, -default => 'centos' ); print submit('which_distro_button'); print endform; } else { $which_radio_button = param('distros_menu'); print $which_radio_button; $q->end_html; }