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Hi all,

I am new to perl programming and slowly starting my network programing. I want to connect to a device and fetch a who all logged in that device, for that i am not using Net::Telnet module to connect to the device however i am using normal telnet located in the /usr/bin/telnet to connect to the device.

Below is my program
#!/usr/bin/perl -w #use Net::Telnet; #use strict; print "Enter the hostname you want to connect? \n" ; $hostname = <>; $telnet = `telnet $hostname `; #$telnet = new Net::Telnet (Timeout=>10, Errmode=>'die'); #$telnet -> open('$hostname'); $telnet -> waitfor('/Username: $/i'); $telnet -> print('axiom'); $telnet -> waitfor('/Password: $/i'); $telnet -> print('axiom'); $telnet -> waitfor('/\$ $/i'); $telnet -> print('who'); $output = $telnet->waitfor('/\$ $/i'); print $output;
I am not sure what is wrong here in the code. Can anyone help me out on this regards.