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I tried the VB code, converted to Perl and using Win32::API. (the code isn't the tidiest in the world, I've missed out most of the program):

... use Tk; use Win32::API; # Windows constants my ($OnTop, $NoTop, $Top) = (-1, -2, 0); my ($SWP_NOMOVE, $SWP_NOSIZE) = (2, 1); ... # Create a Win32::API object for SetWindowPos my $SetWindowPos = new Win32::API("user32", "SetWindowPos", [N,N,N,N,N +,N,N], N); ... my $w = new MainWindow; ... # do the 'always on top' bit my $hwnd = $w->frame; # frame returns a hex value as a string, e.g. "0 +x1234" print "$hwnd\n"; $SetWindowPos->Call(hex($hwnd), $OnTop, 0, 0, 0, 0, $SWP_NOMOVE | $SWP +_NOSIZE); MainLoop;

Unfortunately $w->frame returns the Tk MainWindow, not the Win32 window containing it. As a result setting $w->frame 'always on top' doesn't have any effect.

Anyone know how to get an HWND for a window's parent out of Win32? Tk::Wm's $w->wrapper doesn't work either.

Kevin O'Rourke