Here is a question from a humble Initiate. What is a node's “Reputation”? It is mentioned in the Voting/Experience System but never defined.

I did a search for "node" and "experience" in the relevant sections, and found RE: Beginnings of the Voting Experience System which indicates that reputation is listed with the title. But, I only see the reputation of the one I posted, not anything else. On the search results itself, it would be handy to know which were more reputable and read those first, for example. Other things I've read here indicate that this is what's supposed to happen. Can someone set me straight?

I found that my posting had a reputation of 11. Since that's the only one I've seen, I don't know if that's good, bad, or indifferent. I think it's slightly good, because the voting page says the average is 9.1, but I really don't have any other context.