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OK, i'm not going to bother posting what i've tried so far, since i've tried pretty much everything i could find (except for what would work for me). Basicly, it's a client/server thing. The concept should be fairly simple. (pseudo)Code snippets of what i'm doing as follows:
use warnings; # Handy use strict; # Even more handy use IO::Socket::INET; my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new ( LocalPort => $config{'listenport'}, Proto => 'udp', Reuse => 1, ) or die "Can't create listening socket: $@\n"; while (1) { my $indata; # Read some data from the serial port # Read some data from a few files # ~300 lines of calculations go here, putting it all into $out +data when done shipout($outdata); # flush buffers, and other stuff } sub shipout { my $datatoship = shift; # these lines should be replaced by something that # that sends the contents of $datatoship to # everyone (or anyone) that is connected to $socket # if none is connected, just move on. } __END__
So, yeah.. basicly, I need to send the result of the calculations done in the mainloop to anyone that might be connected to the socket. The communications are one-way, as in no clients ever sending anything to the server, as they just connect to read a stream of data calculated by the server. I have looked at many examples, but i have still not found one that deals with one-way comms, except from client->server, and i need it the other way around. I thought this should be fairly straightforward, and i still do, i'm just sure that i'm missing something very vital.