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Suppose for a moment that I buy your argument that it's too early to do marketing for Perl 6 - then how should we attract contributors, when nobody knows about it? And without contributors, how are we ever going to get to a point where it's ready for marketing, by your reckoning?

Saying "Don't to marketing for Perl 6 yet" is basically the same as saying "Don't bother at all".

Perl 6 smells wonderful to me but it is half-baked. Only a desperate, addled chef rings the dinner bell now.

I for one don't try to announce Perl 6 as a finished dinner. If people ask me, I plainly tell them that Perl 6 isn't very mature yet, but if they care I still try to drive their appetite - after all some people like it when their steak isn't cooked through, or to pinch a bit while cooking.