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After much pain and strife, I solved the problem. As I suspected, it was not the part of any of my code. Rather, it was a configuration issue, my own fault, not the upgrade's.

First, there were some other symptoms that turned out to be related to the problem.

  • Qt applications would show up incredibly huge. This was not a big problem, nor did I notice it right away because I seldom use those programs.
  • Some Tcl/Tk programs exhibited the same behaviour as the Qt programs. The also showed the scrollbar wierdness that I originally saw.

    After thinking about this for awhile, I realized that I had been mucking with my X configuration a little, but I had dropped it and never finished with it. Since my oft-used applications were not affected, I didn't link it to the problem. But, upon removing  Load  "xtt" from the "Module" section of my XF86Config, all of the problems vanished.

    Ah, lessons learned.

    See you, space cowboy