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The "base" and "vlink" tags both belong in the "start_html" method when you're using There is no "body" function per se in, so by typing it the module is assuming you know what you're doing and pretends it's a valid tag. Your "body" function doesn't "enclose" anything, so makes the perfectly valid guess that "body" is a self-closing tag like "break " and puts the closing slash within the tag per XHTML 1.0 guidelines. You're getting similar problems with "base" which should also be an attribute of start_html, and not it's own function/method.

Try this instead: (untested)

print header, start_html (-title => 'Welcome to!', Link ({-rel => 'stylesheet', type => 'text/css', href => + 'style.css'}), base => '', vlink => "Black");
For more info check out the "start_html" docs in the POD.

Gary Blackburn
Trained Killer