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As pointed out by others, the frontpage is the first page that a new user to PM is going to see. Thus, we want stuff that will make sure the new user will appriciate and get a good idea what PM is all about; it may not be the most interesting posts, nor high in reputation, but it should be typical of what PM is. Thus, a SOPW question that may not be FAQish but may not be 'challenging' to advanced monks but is a good question for the beginner to intermediate program to ask and get answers from is a good front page item. Interesting JAPHs or ObFu are good as well, as well as discussions/mediations about programming perl in general (PM specific discussions I'd be a bit wary on, unless someone outside of PM would benefit from.).

Of course, part of the problem is that is seems to only require one level 6+ monk to frontpage a node. It makes sense for one monk to give the OK or not, but I think it would make better sense that nodes to be frontpaged have to have at least 5 monks (for example) give their agreement in this aspect. This would allow for more freedom in assigning a node as frontpage, while having a bit of democratic process in deciding how the frontpage should look.

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