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I am, literally, just another perl hacker. Really. I got this username because I'm an "early adopter". It had to be someone, and by random chance, it's me. I'm also known as Jay Campbell. I use perl5 but write perl4. I (ab)use perl running

I am not japhy nor j.a.p.h. (who is also 'japh' on #perlmonks)

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created April 23, 2000
first posts December 20, 2001 (i procrastinate)
novice on December 21, 2001
acolyte on December 23, 2001
scribe on December 27, 2001
monk on January 18, 2002
friar on April 9, 2002
abbot on August 1, 2005

notable posts

first public obfu: Re: TMTOWTDI the new year!
discussion that got ignored: Non-breaking spaces in perlmonks nav bar
most underrated obfu: Re: TMTOWTDI the new year!
discussion that got implemented: Google top hits for "perl"
obfu that made me Monk, first 100+, best node of week: Centiperl!
steganobfuscation: japh's japh II

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