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Unsure of quite where else I'd put it, I humbly decided to post this question in this section :-)

My wife and I will be attending YAPC::America::North for the first time this year. Now, I've been working with Perl long enough to have an idea of what classes might be good for me and the projects I'm working on.

My wife, however, has only been working with Perl for a very short amount of time. She is learning Perl for fun, and doesn't have any current projects she has to complete. Instead, she is just looking to get a well rounded background in Perl, and some of it's functions.

As I look at the classes and the people teaching them, in many cases I'm having trouble distinquishing what level they will be teaching at, so I'm not sure what classes to recommend she take. Now, I know many of you have been to a YAPC before, and some of you will even be teaching the courses there :-) So I pose this question -- what classes at this year's YAPC::America::North would you recommend for an absolute beginner? I'll start off the answering with "Learning Perl" by Tad McClellan seems like it would be a good one. Any other suggestions?

Also, are there any classes you would consider a "don't miss" no matter what level programmer you are? Thanks for any ideas!