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Fellow Monks,

A strange problem has arisen today. Most strange. I have the following code:

my $res = $ua->get( $url, ':content_file' => $filename );

being used under LWP::UserAgent. The returned content, stored in the file $filename, seems to contain the HTTP headers as well as the content - I was expecting just the content. So, for example, if $url references a JPG on the Internet, I don't get a readable JPG back - I seem to get a full HTTP response.

The code, under Windows, works fine. Ran on a Linux box, broken. Now that is odd!

Same issue if getstore(...) is used from LWP::Simple instead of the full UserAgent... Same issue if I store the Response in a variable and use/print it. No matter what I do, I get these unwanted HTTP header lines at the top of the file/response which means the file returned by LWP is actually useless with manual modification...

Opening the resulting file in an editor I seem to see a ^M at the end of the lines - certainly in the unwanted header-looking stuff. Could this be something significant? If so, why is LWP putting it there? Don't worry about this bit anymore ;)

This is a brand new build of a Fedora 14 desktop. Windows was using an older build of ActiveState.

The docs say that I should ONLY get the content into $filename - so why are those HTTP headers there too!.... :(

**UPDATE** A quick review of my code shows I am calling the "get" or "getstore" from within a thread. Outside of threading, files are retrieved as expected. In a threaded environment, the data stored contains these unwanted HTTP headers. Question still remains though......why?

fx, Infinity is Colourless