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This isn't really a coding question but I am moving through a book trying to learn Perl. I would love to be able to go to a site somewhere and get tested on some of the parts I just learned.

Does anyone know of such place? Somewhere that assigns tasks to test your knowledge? E.g

1) Write a perl script to accept a file name from a user then read the file, line by line, and check for the number of occurances of a character, provided by the user.

2) Create a hash with the days of February. Using keys and values functions split the %hash into arrays and loop through each key and display is value.

This are things I just made up now but I would love to be given small tasks to see if I really understand what I just learned. I find this forum useful because sometimes, when the questions are aimed at beginners, I take the question and try to solve it myself. Anyway, does anyone know of such a place?