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We've recently upgraded to Sybperl-2.18 (the Sybperl module not the DBlib or CTlib modules) after having used an earlier version for many years now. We're experiencing a problem we didn't have under the old version and I'm hoping it can be solved simply with a configuration setting (although I'm not seeing anything in the documentation which sounds like the appropriate option) nor on this site although my search arguments may not reflect those found in a pertinent article.

We have quite a few perl scripts which feed a SQL string to &dbsqlexec which do the following:

1. Select rows from a permanent table into a temporary table:

select * into <i>#temporarytablename</i> from <i>permanenttablename</i>
2. Then select rows out of the temporary table:
select * from <i>#temporarytablename</i>
This is all within the same SQL string fed to &dbsqlexec and all within the same connection. What happens is we get no rows returned from the temporary table nor do we get any error message.

This doesn't happen under the earlier version of Sybperl. If we change the temporary table to a permanent table it works perfectly (but this is not an option for us). If we execute the code with the temporary table references under iSql or via SQLAdvantage it works fine so it definitely seems to be the new version of Sybperl (or it's configuration) which is the problem.

Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.