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our claim that there's something special about the project root is completely false.

Huh? Project root is in there too. It just isn't added by the test target because it is already there. Its specialness comes from the fact that it is the only path within the project area that (a) is in the hardcoded @INC and (b) does not include files that will be installed at runtime. Thus it is the only directory within @INC that can be used for libraries that are needed by tests/setup but should not be installed to INSTALLDIR after all tests pass. If I want to avoid splattering "use lib" all over the place I have to put such files in root. Nothing I have said is remotely false.

So you're proudly claiming that one needs to use a giant harness

Huh? Who said anything about a giant harness? Because I can add one line to Build.PL and Module::Build generates a ./Build file that inserts a path in @INC, that counts as a giant harness?

My automated build process manages to configure itself without splattering "use lib" all over the place as well. Automated build processes are evil giant harnesses?

In my day to day work area code is not divided into separate source trees for each project, nor for each packaging tool. There is a single source tree for everything. "use lib" is completely irrelevant and unnecessary. If I want to run a test I place myself at the source of the tree and run "prove". If I want to run a script, I place myself at the source of the tree and type the script name, "Foo/". Is prove a giant evil harness? Is standing at the root of the source tree?

The only thing I've claimed is that splattering "use lib" or Find::Bin + use lib all over my scripts reflects the needs of a specific run environment - that created by ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It is completely unnecessary if those tests are run in the environment created by Module::Build. "use lib" is completely unnecessary in nearly any other environment I run my test scripts. Thus I conclude that putting that code in every script violates separation of concerns and constitutes programming to the tool. You have not yet addressed those two issues.

I've used lots of different build tools and installers over the years and MM strikes me as the only one that expected me to modify my source code to accommodate it.

ignoring that it fails the rest of the time.

When you equate difficulties with MM to "the rest of the time", I can't help wondering whether you've decided that the only "real" tool is MM and any other successful run of my tests is irrelevant. In every other environment, including a makefile backed by Module::Build they run fine without splattering "use lib" all over my scripts. They'll run fine under ExtUtils::Command::MM if there is a portable way to put "projectroot/inc" into @INC as well.

Update: Removed some stuff that was really besides the point.