vote on When I die, I will...

go to Heaven
[bar] 165/16%
check-in to Hades
[bar] 12/1%
lounge at the bar in Purgatory
[bar] 26/3%
be reborn
[bar] 46/5%
be reduced to ashes
[bar] 106/10%
slowly rot in a coffin
[bar] 76/8%
swim with the fishes
[bar] 15/1%
haunt my enemies, spouse, and/or friends
[bar] 39/4%
merge with the universe
[bar] 143/14%
display an error message then return control to the shell
[bar] 278/27%
check in at Milliways and wait for the universe to end
[bar] 107/11%
1013 total votes

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