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Ok, a brief patch has been submitted. It now comes down to whether the patch is considered adequate, and whether the idea is considered good in the first place. We'll see what happens. If it gets applied the docs will be updated and a brief announcement may be made.

Update for clarification:

The patch creates a [metacpan://module::name] or [metacpan://] tag. The first goes directly to the module being requested. The second just goes to the home page. After a patch is submitted it usually has to go through a sort of informal review process by others in pmdev, as well as the gods. pmdev cannot apply a patch once it's been submitted though, only the gods can (not to throw anybody under the bus; just explaining the process). The patch could possibly never get applied for any of a number of reasons, including but certainly not limted to:

So there are real reasons for not jumping too early at implementing a new feature. A patch has been submitted as a sort of 'proof of concept', but that doesn't mean the concept has come of age just yet. Maybe someone could jump who is a little more senior than I, to provide insight. But until then let's just be patient and see what happens. :)