Ok, Monks, so while I've been in a kind of experimental phase with HTML, linking and CSS lately, I was doing some fun links on my home node, just for fun, and for practice. I looked up What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?, and saw this example:

[msg://recipient<message text|link title text]
So, I thought, wouldn't it be funny if I did this:
[msg://chatterbox<embarrassing text here|click here]
and upon clicking it, some sort of embarrassing, yet playful/harmless text popped up in the cb. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this and I think I even fell for it on someone else's home node long ago. I also thought this would be funny:
[msg://koolgirl<I love you koolgirl!!|say hello]
but neither one of these seem to work. The "say hello" link would link to a pre-filled out private message screen, but when pressing the deliver button, you'd get the following error: "You can't send that because you didn't edit the text field." So, for that example, I just made a link like this:
[msg://koolgirl|say hello]
with an empty text field, which worked, but I don't understand why the other ones didn't, because this says they should work.

As far as the other link goes, the cb link, it would just send you to a message screen, with chatterbox in the recipient box, and the "embarrassing text" in the text field, which is not what I wanted anyway, but, even if you did go ahead and hit the deliver button, you'd get the same error as before, about not being able to send because you didn't edit the text field.

So, not that these links are the least bit important, but why wouldn't they work? I took the examples straight from the site's guide to linking, as stated and linked to twice above in this post. Like I said, the links are silly and meaningless, but my furthering education on linking is the point, as well as the fact that site stated examples seem to be lacking. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.