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Nobody is asking you to "justify" things, but as you keep asking in the wrong forum repeatedly, and don't take the hint that this is still the wrong forum to ask repeatedly the same question, it seems to me that your threshold of bad undesireable behaviour is lower than your threshold of investigating an alternative solution.

Priorities change for people. If you want to contact people working on Strawberry Perl, I strongly recommend you contact the people through their published means, instead of spamming repeated posts asking the same question and getting the same answer, again and again. If the people working on Strawberry Perl don't answer you, you can ask them for your money back.

I suggest you invest the next six months until you repeat your question, again, by working out a fallback plan that does not include Strawberry Perl. If ActiveState Perl is unusable as per your unstated concerns, then consider Citrus Perl, or, again, building your own Perl.

If you find it tedious to restate your justifications, consider not repeating your question, or preparing your justification, as you likely will have to restate your justification in six months, when you repost your question, again.

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Re^4: Strawberry 5.14 again
by philkime (Beadle) on Oct 10, 2011 at 08:41 UTC
    Good heavens. Thanks for the pointer to Citrus Perl anway.